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With decades of experience we can repair most any davit / crane. Starting with aged, manual, electric winch davits thru sophisticated multi function hydraulic cranes. You need an upgrade? We can help. Even a small crack in the weld can ruin your fun and be unsafe. You need a checkup before log trip for a season? We are at your service. Give us a call and we will make sure you are ready for endless fun. We can add wireless function to your crane's remote or replace aged hydraulic fittings and lines. We can replace your fried stainless cable or upgrade it to spectra rope. Cracks in aluminum or welds, we can help.

We can do it all and more.



We can service most if not all makes of davit / cranes. Diagnose your problem, find parts, reseal leaking hydraulic components or chase electrical gremlins. We can retrofit a wireless remote to your crane or upgrade your parts, so you are ready for a season of fun. Full refurbish of davits / cranes including paint is not a problem as well. Your cable is fried or you want to upgrade to spectra rope? We can help. Custom lifting solutions, garage declutter, installation and service of other brands Your safety and enjoyment is our priority. Custom metal projects are integral part of any boat or yacht. We are here to fix or offer an upgrade to your existing crane. We have serviced and installed cranes way beyond Florida. Our technicians went to Bahrain, China, Taiwan, Panama, Japan, Australia or Europe as well.


Davit / crane repair and service

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