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3G MARINE LLC. is proud to offer you a variety of services and products. No project is too small nor too big. Custom metal fabrication and welding is our bread and joy. With over 50 years of combined experience we have learned to satisfy all your custom metal work and service needs. We serve South Florida and way beyond.

We want to continue making your dreams a reality.


It's not just a job or a career. It's a passion for creating products that you are happy with. In the workshop or on-site we take your design and make it into a product. If you just have a lingering idea, let us help to design it and make it a reality. It helps us to have been growing with industry for last 20+ years and makes us proud to see our projects to still be in full use to this day. Stainless still mirror shines, welding is still holding up, chocks are safely cradling your dinghy and davits lift your tender safely. That is satisfaction and pride in our work.

Custom grab rail
Repair of damaged rails
Custom reinforced lifting points
Custom towing hook
Custom stainless cleats
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