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Photo Gallery

Here are some photographs of custom metal projects we are ready to make for you. If you have an idea or a dream let us help you to make it reality. Stainless, aluminum or other material fabrication. We will work with you or your designer to meet your final product expectations.

Stainless Steel Work 316L

It's hard material to work with. It's hard to shape, cut, weld and polish but the RESULTS are well worth it and satisfying. We can make railings, hand rails, stairs or swim ladders, cleats and other mooring equipment, support columns, gangways, tables or umbrella stands just to name a few. We can copy an existing design and make it stainless. Look at the photos to see some of our projects.

Custom aluminum work

Sometimes the best choice of material is obvious. Whether limited by weight or necessity of color matching or price you should go with aluminum. We offer variety of products made out of highest grade materials to fit your needs. Custom projects are a breeze when you have a "Know How". Here are some good examples how right choice can make a huge difference. Custom welded aluminum FTW.

Service work

We can service most if not all makes of davit / cranes. Diagnose your problem, find parts, reseal leaking hydraulic components or chase electrical gremlins. We can retrofit a wireless remote to your crane or upgrade your parts, so you are ready for a season of fun. Full refurbish of davits / cranes including paint is not a problem as well. Your cable is fried or you want to upgrade to spectra rope? You found a crack in the weld or hydraulic cylinder is leaking at the weld. We can help. Custom lifting solutions, garage declutter, installation and service of other brands Your safety and enjoyment is our priority

Our facility

We pride ourselves with clean and safe working conditions. Quality of your product derives from professional approach to a work space. We strive to constantly update our tools and equipment to best serve your project's needs. Please feel free to visit our shop anytime to verify that your needs will be met at any point during production process. Workshop is loaded with quality fabrication and welding equipment. We are located in South Florida but go way beyond to meet your expectations of custom fabricated products and service. Call us.

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