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Design and modification

Lot of times for one project to work, you need to redesign, modify or re weld existing part of the structure. We serve you with help and advice how to make it work as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. Remember to call us Florida.



We have met many challenges related to custom fit of new product onto you yacht. With right approach we can modify and redesign part or whole area to fit your needs. It take experience and team work to play this field. Let us help you out to reach desired goal. Any custom metal fabricated project consists of right choice of material (aluminum, stainless or other metal) and a right choice of team to tackle it.

  • Engine room is too cluttered. No room to store tools or consumables. We can help.​

  • New toys wont fit in specified area. All it takes is right design.

  • You don't want to wait for the bridge to open. Maybe a folding mast or radar arch is a solution for you.

  • Certain area need to be reinforced after you have added piece of equipment. Let us take a look and weld it.

  • Life rafts are in the way. Let us offset them outside of your railings.


Those and many more issues can be solved wit the right crew and attitude.


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